Data Recovery

Myths Busted About Storage That Could Be Costing Your Business

By: Sadie Hawkins | Oct 29, 2013 There has been a good deal of buzz around Cisco's intent to buy solid-state array company whiptail for a banging $415m (260m). Declared simply last week, this news speaks volumes concerning the growing trend in all-flash ssd solutions. Thus why have such a large amount of businesses been so slow to adopt solid state drive into their own business architecture?

5 Tips for backup and data recovery on your PC

By: Brooke M. Perry | Oct 23, 2013 Power failures, carelessness while dealing with PC wires or even viruses can disturb the process of saving your important files on the hard disk, resulting in data loss. In most of such cases you will need to spend a lot of money for getting a trained computer data recovery technician, who will leave your wallet cursing you for many days. It might be possible that your file gets over-written and t

Trim and shape up with managed storage

By: Sadie Hawkins | Oct 22, 2013 We are always needing to clear up more room for space on our devices, but enterprises rarely consider shaping up their network storage. Getting your storage fighting fit can prove a tough challenge. There are numerous considerations to take into account and steps to put your space through before it will be the best you need it to be.

Tips that help resolving “File xyz.ost is not an offline folder file” error message

By: Tech Expert | Oct 9, 2013 This artilce helps resolving File xyz.ost is not an offline folder file error message in an effective and efficient manner.

Manage Email Attachments Well in Outlook Using Outlook Attachment Management

By: Tech Expert | Oct 8, 2013 Attachment Processing enables you to automatically process attachments in incoming and existing emails.

ZIP repair tool to recover damaged file archives

By: Tech Expert | Oct 3, 2013 Zip repair software are impeccable tools that are used to recover deleted or corrupt data from damaged ZIP archives. Using zip repair tools, users can easily restore their backup files and folders saved in the form of ZIP.

How to Recover Data from SSD

By: Jared Ingram | Sep 30, 2013 Knowing how to retrieve electronic information from an SSD is very important since a lot of causes of loss of data due to SSD failure are inevitable. These failures include environmental influences or user error like virus, deleted file, physical damage, or fire or water damage.

Recovering Data from External Media

By: Jared Ingram | Sep 30, 2013 To store important electronic information, computer users utilize external media such as NAS, USB, and eSATA. NAS is Network Attached Storage, USB is Universal Serial Bus, and eSATA is External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment.

Enhance Your IT Business Productivity With 99.9% UP Time-Learn How

By: Steave Brooke | Sep 12, 2013 Yes, it is possible to achieve minimal downtime within your IT operations if you enlist proper business IT support. Such support will recommend implementing the latest in virtualisation technology, from server virtualisation through to desktop virtualisation, the whole hardware virtualisation field offers vast possibilities to increase productivity.

Choose Easy Outlook OST to PST Conversion Way with OST Recovery Software

By: henribarbusse | Sep 11, 2013 Powered by perfection and engineered to excel, this OST Recovery software is the easiest way one can opt for Outlook OST to PST conversion. Check out more about this tool in detail in the words to follow.
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