Mac Apps to Block Distracting Websites and Apps While You Are On Work

By: Brooke M. Perry | Jun 6, 2014 Who is not a victim of procrastination, especially when it comes to Internet usage? Procrastination is the situation where an individual gets tempted to perform the less urgent but pleasurable work while putting off the imperative and less pleasurable jobs for the last minute.

What is the Right Time to Upgrade RAM of Your Mac

By: Polly M Quinton | May 29, 2014 Many times you’ll feel that your Mac PC isn’t working with the same speed that it maintained when it was new. Virus infections, PC slow downs, hanging and freezing issues are some of the common issues faced by users, when their PC starts getting old. The technology becomes obsolete very soon, hence, you will be required to keep a check on your computer’s health and maintenance to ensure that

How to Install and Dual Boot Linux on a Mac

By: Polly M Quinton | May 29, 2014 Mac operating system (OS) is considered one of the most productive and efficient OS, but there might be certain situations that may require Linux as your system software. Going down to a market, purchasing a new Linux empowered device isn’t an ideal solution for this issue. With some additional products and some smart tweaks you can eventually turn your Mac in a Linux machine. The major advantag

How Mobile Technology Can Help The Insurance Industry To Overcome Cost And Security Challenges?

By: Rajendran Sharma | May 28, 2014 The insurance sector lags behind in adopting any new technology and follows a “wait and watch” policy. The increasing capabilities of mobile technology present enormous opportunities in this sector where insurers are failing to meet the expectations of the customers while reducing cost. However, one major concern that can be associated with the mobile phones is a security threat as it is hard

Simple Steps to Quickly Set Up and Use Mozilla’s Firefox Accounts

By: Polly M Quinton | May 9, 2014 Mozilla Firefox accounts, often called as Mozilla Thunderbird accounts, are developed by the Mozilla Foundation and it offers a free platform for emails, news, and chats. The strategy of offering free online accounts came a bit later, while the initial attempts of the company stood back at creating a web browser for the Internet. The first version was released on December 7, 2004 and according to

9 Useful Tips for Your New Windows 8 Device

By: Polly M Quinton | May 9, 2014 Have you bought a new Windows 8 laptop and facing difficulty in configuring it? You may come across issues while configuring the new operating system (OS) if you are not familiar with this new OS. Microsoft account, lock screen, etc may appear different to you. Following are nine things that you must do just after switching on your brand new Windows 8 laptop, Notebook or PC.

5 Internet Safety Tips to Keep Your PC Secure Online

By: Brooke M. Perry | May 7, 2014 PC or laptop security has become a great concern as it hampers the processing of the device and can even corrupt or ruin the information stored therein. Computing devices often source most of the security risks from the Internet. Statistics reveal that in the US alone, 24 million households experience heavy spam that is circulated through emails. Around 16 millions household have had serious virus

Best 5 Tips to Organize Your DropBox

By: Brooke M. Perry | Apr 26, 2014 Dropbox, one of the prominent cloud storage services is a close competitor of Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, and many others. The service is widely acclaimed by users located around the world for its easy to use interface and simple functionalities. Dropbox also holds some special place in the queue of cloud computing services as it allows the developers to come up with their own apps and serv

How to Check Disk Usage for Apps in Window 8.1?

By: Polly M Quinton | Apr 18, 2014 On visiting the app store, almost each app appears to be useful in some way or the other. For paid apps, you might consider taking a pause for a while to decide whether you really need that app or not; accordingly you will download or refuse it. But for free apps, one usually gets the feeling of “let’s download it for now, later on I will measure its usage or non-usage.” Over a period of tim

How to Restore Hibernate Feature in Windows 8.1

By: Polly M Quinton | Apr 12, 2014 Hibernate is one of the most useful commands in Windows as it can successfully avoid closing of apps while users shutdown the system. This mode in Windows OS is used for restoring the previously running apps and programs into their current state, whenever users awake the device from Hibernate. Most of the Microsoft’s Windows 8/8.1 users might be missing a lot of Windows features, which helped th
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