Make a Communication Level with Hosted and Virtual PBX

By: Faktortel Pty Ltd | Aug 9, 2013 There is one of the major benefits of the hosted PBX is that, it is done off-site and such it is save time and money of the clients.

The Positive Side of Social Networking

By: Amr Abbas | Aug 6, 2013 While social life and networking might be on the same line together, connecting people in their different yet similar ways, neither one should affect the other negatively.

Software Based Enterprise Video Conferencing

By: deeksha | Aug 6, 2013 With the flow of technology we are able to see many changes coming across from day to day. Some in retail, some in business, engineering, manufacturing and some in other fields. As we have many sectors around, we can even see a very common change among every department in some or the other way that every sector is making use of the technology these days to shorten the stress that you face from yo

The New Trend of Video Conferencing

By: deeksha | Aug 2, 2013 For almost a decade, organizations have trumpeted video conferencing as a viable way to ratchet up communication and produce a more effective environment. A decade ago, many video conferencing and Telepresence systems required add-on cards inside PCs and separate cameras and integrated services digital network (ISDN) lines to function effectively. Now-a-days all these complexities have been avoide

Main Types of iPhone Damages

By: Ian Earl | Jul 27, 2013 iPhones were created with quality and user-satisfaction in mind. In spite of that, it is still possible for these handsets to be damaged. The good news is that most damages acquired by iPhones can be fixed with the help of credible iPhone repairers.

How to Terminate Fiber Optic Cables with Epoxy

By: Ann Travis | Jul 25, 2013 Article about how to terminate fiber optic cables with expoxy, which is the most cheap, fast and easy method among all the fiber cable termination ways. Go on read!

Explore the Latest Options You Have Among Top Android Phones

By: Devika Rajpali | Jul 25, 2013 If you want to buy the best Android phone, you will get multiple options. In fact, this phone dominates the market, and it offers improved features than other existing Smartphone’s.

Apple iPhone 4S- best smartphone till date

By: Zahra Hassan | Jul 22, 2013 Apple iPhone 4S is truly a perfect smartphone. Even though it looks quite similar to the older version iPhone, but still it is a great device that is well equipped with high end features. Talking about its performance, the phone features the powerful A5 CPU that makes it noticeably swifter especially while kicking off applications.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 can be the next big gadget in the tab segment

By: Harry Johnson | Jul 20, 2013 Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is all set to hit the market and it can be rolled out anytime as the expected date of arrival is just a hair away. The gadget is aimed to be a cheap and effective mid range segment.

VoIP Cell Phone Program is an Growing Technology

By: Faktortel Pty Ltd | Jul 19, 2013 There are one of the main factor is that you should create sure you have something information about Speech over IP and how it effectively perform.
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