Views of SMS Marketings

By: vikas gupta | Jul 5, 2012 SMS is the faster marketing medium through which your you can get good leads, you can advertise your product and services instantly to your target audience. Effective and affordable Bulk SMS is significantly faster, more effective and less expensive than email or any other medium of marketing. It is the most versatile channel for companies to communicate with customers and targeted prospect

Resolve Customer Requests Quickly with Call Transfer

By: Mike Christopher A | Jun 28, 2012 Resolving customer requests as fast and effectively as possible benefits both customers and the company itself. Because call transfer reduces the time spent on one call, more customer requests can be accommodated within a day. Thus, more customer issues can be resolved faster and the company’s general productivity can be increased.

Vanity Numbers – Customers Will Have a Hard Time Forgetting Yours

By: Mike Christopher A | Jun 28, 2012 Choosing a vanity number for your company is a form of advertising, and as the world of advertising has taught us, nothing works as effectively as appealing to the needs of your audience. Choosing a word or phrase that comes to mind in answer to particular needs of customers is a good way to make sure that your company is the first one they call.

Virtual Telephone System

By: Mike Christopher A | Jun 28, 2012 A virtual telephone system ensures that anyone calling the business telephone number will be greeted professionally and courteously every single time via an automated operator. If the caller wishes to speak with the business owner directly, the person who answers the phone will be promptly notified and the call can be handled with care.

Know Who Listens to Your Info Hotline with Call Capture

By: Mike Christopher A | Jun 28, 2012 The first part of running a successful business is generating leads. With an informational hotline and features like call capture, businesses can stay in touch with consumers who are genuinely interested in a product or service.

Send Fax Online

By: Mike Christopher A | Jun 28, 2012 There are many aspects of running a business in which documentation plays a vital role, so delivering these documents quickly and easily can certainly take the strain off of employees’ shoulders. By choosing to send fax online, business owners will save time and money and experience all of the convenience they deserve.

1 800 Numbers

By: Mike Christopher A | Jun 28, 2012 By providing 1 800 numbers to the general public, businesses are doing much to improve their corporate images; they are providing their clients with an avenue to receive free customer service in the event of a question or issue.

Considering Calling Card Companies to make Cheap International Calls

By: lalitbansal004 | Jun 23, 2012 Making long distance calls at economical rates is becoming very simple these day, but you can find few things that must be well understood before you try to make cheap international calls. There are many businesses that claim to be the best providers of international calling cards, but most of claims could be false.

International Calls That you can Afford

By: lalitbansal004 | Jun 23, 2012 There was a period when it was a tough task for people living in foreign countries to speak to their friends and family members because of the high fees on international dialing.

Items to Check Before Dealing with an International Calling Card Company

By: lalitbansal004 | Jun 23, 2012 We all discover how easy the international dialing continues to be made with the availability of calling cards which you can use on your landline phones or mobile phones.
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