Remote collaboration aids Business continuity

By: Yank Dines | Feb 13, 2013 Remote collaboration ensures that business applications and critical information is readily available to employees and customers at all times.

How to Make Cheap Calls to India

By: Paul Green | Jan 30, 2013 With a high number of India workers choosing to seek employment overseas and Indian students studying abroad, it is important they can call home to keep in regular contact with family and friends.

What to look for when choosing a business telephone system

By: Jen Wiss | Jan 29, 2013 Your business telephone system is the lifeblood of your business and a hub connecting you with your customers and staff. Taking a little time to choose the right system means you get the best investment at the lowest possible cost, improving your customer experience while saving you money.

Variation among VoIP, PBX and IP- PBX Phone System

By: James Allen | Dec 12, 2012 The fundamental benefit of a PBX for business houses is to save the cost of requiring a line for each employee to the telephone company's central office.

How to choose the right phone for your business and client satisfaction?

By: James Allen | Nov 24, 2012 In fact, you can consider offering mobile lines for your employees, individual extensions with voicemail for some select employee, and call routing to employees stationed in remote locations.

Why Virtual phone system is essential for your direct sales business

By: James Allen | Nov 23, 2012 A direct sale, in marketing parlance, is a term used to refer to the process by which products and services are sold to customers, without any intermediaries.

Advanced Phone System for Business Growth

By: James Allen | Nov 21, 2012 The only possible demerit is most of these advanced facilities have replaced the personal pleasure of hearing a voice at the other end of the line.

2 Way Radio – An Essential Mode of Communication

By: Johndy Sons | Nov 9, 2012 As we all know communication is the solution for every problem, we must know about one of the easiest and reliable source known as 2 Way Radio.

10 Safety Tips- Wishing Christmas Merry Christmas

By: Ravi K. | Nov 8, 2012 In Tips- Wishing Christmas Merry Christmas, we are going to share some safety tips.

How to select the most powerful office phone

By: James Allen | Sep 22, 2012 The ideal office phone system is the one that offers optimum value for your money. You can save a lot of time, build better customer rapport and enhance your business productivity if you have a powerful office phone system.
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