Technical Support for BlackBerry Users

By: Harinder Singh | May 23, 2013 In the world of communication, mobile phones play a great role.  It has become a prime need of everyone and nobody can survive without mobile device. Mobile industries have also reached great heights. Earlier mobile phones were not much featured but nowadays with growing demand of users, several companies are bringing new Smartphone’s in the market like BlackBerry, Samsung, Apple etc incorporat

5 Features of VIPedge That Help in SMB Communications

By: Mariam Thomas | May 17, 2013 Thanks to the telephone system being cloud-based, this is going to end up being a rather cost effective form of communication. It will mean that your business costs are going to plummet considerably and therefore give you the opportunity to pursue other investments.

5 Features of VIPedge that Makes Communication Easier

By: Mariam Thomas | May 17, 2013 One of the first things about VIPedge is that you can use it in almost any place where your wireless system is available. This is a cloud telephone system, and therefore it is going to be incredibly flexible. You will be able to use it on a number of different devices as well, so you will be able to communicate with people throughout the day.

5 Features of VOIP That Make Your Business Communications Quicker

By: Mariam Thomas | May 17, 2013 VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) or call center phone systems require only a router, an IP phone, and a cable. You just have to insert the router to the modem. The IP phone also has to be plugged into the router. Other equipments are not required. It is a simple method to install, which can be done by yourself.

Choosing the best iPad 2 Cases

By: Graeme Smith | Apr 9, 2013 People of different walks of life have different needs to protect their iPad 2 cases.

Can business mobility help you attract and retain a diverse workforce

By: Mark Voucher | Mar 6, 2013 Gone are the days when remote communication was an issue. Today with growing technology people can work in an efficient environment with the web conferencing tools. These tools can reduce carbon emission by using online meeting solutions.

Exploring the benefits of audio conferencing

By: Mark Voucher | Mar 1, 2013 In recent times, there has been a rising trend with the usage of the online audio web conference services. It is often due to the fact that corporations are continuously realising the advantages of web based conferencing.

International Conference Calls unifying businesses in Malaysia

By: Mark Voucher | Feb 22, 2013 In Malaysia, enterprises are trying to focus on a solution that can save on time and travelling cost. International conference calls are emerging up as an advanced and effective solution.

Acer Iconia A510 Analysis

By: Cathrine Mckay | Feb 21, 2013 The new Acer Tegra 3 tablet can it compete with the iPad or Nexus 7? While manufacturers such as Apple and Asus swaggering on the market shelves as if they were alone in the world, companies like Acer are trying to address niche by offering reliable products and attractive. Iconia A510 new is the latest example of this strategy. The tablet is perhaps not as elegant as the iPad or the Transformer I

The E-learning Landscape in Malaysia

By: Mark Voucher | Feb 18, 2013 E-Learning is being considered as the future of learning methodology across the globe as it provides training and education at convenience and minimal cost to the provider as well as the user.
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