5 Big Mistakes That People Make On Twitter

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Along with Facebook, twitter is fast becoming a powerful social marketing tool and a leading online community. It is not only easy to join but also easy to use. It helps you connect to influencers and provides a high level of interaction as well. Although this social media platform is simple, there are some big mistakes that people still make on twitter.

1. Using auto Follow / auto Direct Messaging scripts

Auto-following results in an audience who isn’t listening to a word you tweet because they only followed you to get their follower count up. It is a tactic used only for the high numbers. Similarly, you may think that using auto Direct Messaging scripts seems like a good idea but it actually isn’t. You will feel great when getting the first DM from someone thanking you for the follow, but seeing numerous of those in a day is not particularly an appealing affair. Moreover, some of them may include a link to the person’s products or services or something like that.


2. Only tweeting about yourself

Only tweeting about yourself is one of the biggest mistakes that you often make on Twitter. If you do that every time, the only person you will talk with is yourself. Therefore, if you don’t want people to ignore you, tweet about others and spread the love. There is a good rule for you to follow: tweeting about yourself 20% of the time and tweeting about other people’s content 80% of the time.


3. Excessive hashtagging

A hashtag is a great way to join the conversation and even becomes a trending topic, but it doesn’t equal a social media strategy. Excessive hashtagging in the hopes that your tweet will appear in some abstract search is a waste of your time. Instead, try to focus on tweeting quality content that your followers will enjoy. Avoid using hashtags but one hashtag or occasionally two per tweet is acceptable.


4. Not using a distinctive twitter avatar

This is another big mistake that many people make when they start using twitter. Some use a logo instead of their real picture as their twitter avatar, which comes off as trying to hide. So if you are having a robot head as your avatar, change it and you will see an improvement in your personal branding.


5. Adding too many connections

Adding too many connections shows that you’re not on twitter to build relationships with people, only to gain a vast amount of followers in order to spam them with your links. You may be following thousands but may be followed only by a 100, but this should not be a reason for you to multiply your followers. Instead, take it slow and let them come naturally.


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5 Big Mistakes That People Make On Twitter

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5 Big Mistakes That People Make On Twitter

This article was published on 2013/09/05