2009 Rfid Market Review Iii: New Application Fields Expand-rfid-screen Special Printing Industry

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A research report published in 2009, the Chinese RFID market will reach 11 billion yuan industry, compared with 36.8% growth in 2008, due to the economic crisis, increasing production speed slower than last year. Currently, RFID has been through many areas of society, improving people's quality of life, improve enterprise efficiency, enhance public safety have an important impact. Including intelligent transportation systems, logistics, animal tracking, asset tracking and management of new applications in 2009 has become a major RFID application market.

HC screen Special Indian network In intelligent transport, ETC System (Electronic Toll Collection System) has been widely used this year. ETC system installed in the vehicle through the car windscreen RFID , With the use of dual-interface CPU card, with no parking lane for short-range communication of microwave antennas, transmit data, the vehicle through the toll booths without stopping, automatic payment, which is currently the world's most advanced bridge toll way. This payment system took less than two seconds per vehicle fee, the charge channel capacity manual toll lanes is 5 to 10 times. As of August, there are more than 10 provinces (municipalities) to build and opened a toll collection system, launched more than 600 non-parking lane, the user has grown to more than 60 million, 15 companies can not stop according to Chinese payment system standard production Drive devices and vehicle machine, toll collection system industry has taken shape.

In the logistics field, RFID Technology has also become popular. GS1 Chief Engineer Sunguo Jiang pointed out, RFID has its own value, while the technology in the market and higher costs, but general merchandise than RFID bar code on a number of obvious shortcomings, in particular, need to transport goods, so the development and promotion of RFID technology, not just focus on costs, the current RFID technology can enhance security and improve container handling efficiency. In 2009, the world's many logistics companies have applied RFID technology to achieve improved efficiency. For example: The European Horticulture Logistics ContainerCentralen, Austria international logistics provider Logwin, Thailand's National Innovation Agency (NIA), third-party transportation companies Coscon so.

Additionally, animal tracking applications are also widely used this year. The field of animal tracking is the most typical city dog track management. Based on the latest Electronic Technology issues for the urban dog tag provides a truly effective means of technology. Technology to build the electronic dog tag "electronic dog tag", "electronic dog tag" used in the latest radio frequency technology, the pet dogs of various information such as owner name, address, dog's name, the type of dog, dog pictures, dog's immune condition, the dog's annual check and other information stored in the "electronic dog tag" in the urban management through the Pocket PC handheld PDA-based reader can easily check in the distance a dog wearing the "electronic dog tag, "the efficient management of the dog.

The same time, RFID asset tracking has become an important technology applications. Although the retailer raised the application of RFID requirements, return on investment of this problem has been affecting end-user adoption of RFID, many companies through the innovative use of RFID technology in the field of non-supply chain, looking for return on investment. RFID asset tracking applications for a number of passive RFID manufacturers provide a much-needed revenue, but these applications are likely to have only a temporary solution in the long run, these companies still need to RFID in the supply chain to support the wider use of the company survival and development. RFID asset tracking application that allows end users are no longer limited to passive RFID technology, they began to concern about the overall current RFID technology. Active RFID and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) provider in the medical industry, logistics and manufacturing have received a profit.

In addition, RFID in access control, security identification, production automation and process control, personnel management, came to prominence in the field of development.

Overall, in 2009, the application of RFID in the industries showed very active, the current market position, as the technology to mature and further reduce costs, RFID technology is bound to more extensive, RFID's applications will expand further.
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2009 Rfid Market Review Iii: New Application Fields Expand-rfid-screen Special Printing Industry

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2009 Rfid Market Review Iii: New Application Fields Expand-rfid-screen Special Printing Industry

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